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All films screen on a Tuesday evening at 8pm
 • £5 per annum
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  • £6 for guests
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Showing next: Tuesday 6 October
Wild Tales [Relatos salvajes]
director: Damián Szifron
starring: Darío Grandinetti, María Marull, Mónica Villa

Anthology of six stories in which ordinary people react to everyday social grievances in unexpected ways, leading to bizarre consequences. The tales include a chance encounter on a plane, a tragic revelation at a wedding and an incident of road rage that turns into class warfare. Comedy drama anthology, starring Dario Grandinetti and Maria Marull.

Portmanteau pictures are notoriously inconsistent, but the shifts in tone and style are quite deliberate in Damián Szifrón's bleakly comic assault on Argentinian society. The opening vignette feels like the start of a whodunit, as the passengers on a plane begin to realise why they are all on the same flight. Themes of revenge, class and taking the law into one's own hands are drawn out as a waitress serves a special dish to the gangster who destroyed her family, road rage is taken to extremes by a bourgeois businessman, and explosives expert Ricardo Darin loses patience with the petty officials who keep towing his car. However, a bride finds a way to have her cake and eat it after she discovers that her groom has been unfaithful. The satire is savage, the slapstick bruising and the insights into human nature are sharp and cynical. But what impresses most is Szifrón's versatility and control.

– David Parkinson, Radio Times

Why our films have to start promptly at 8pm
Although our films are scheduled to start at 8pm, on busier nights we've always been able to hold up the start until everyone is in and seated. With the arrival of digital projection, however, this has all changed. Most of the films we screen now arrive as high definition digital files that are coded to play at a specific time, over which the projectionist has no control. This means that the film has to start playing at 8pm or not at all. Thus to avoid potentially missing the start of the film, it's worth arriving in good time for the screening.