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Autumn Season 1994

Tuesday 4th October at 8pm
The Wedding Banquet [Xi yan]     Taiwan / USA 1993  |  106 mins  |  15

The first film in our autumn season, Ang Lee's wonderfully comic The Wedding Banquet, has been acclaimed the world over, and won the Best Film prize at the Berlin and Seattle Film Festivals, also gaining a Best Director award for Lee at the Seattle Festival. The story of a gay Chinese man living in New York who agrees to an arranged marriage to pacify his traditionalist parents is used to examine cultural, national, family and sexual identities and how they can work at cross purposes with one another.

"One wedding invite that no serious film goer can afford to pass up" – New York Post

Tuesday 18th October at 8pm
The Double Life of Veronique [La Double vie de Véronique]     France / Poland / Norway 1991  |  98 mins  |  15

Two women, one Polish, one French (both played by Irene Jacob), born on the same day and with similar characteristics but with completely different backgrounds, subtly affect each other's lives while remaining total strangers. This beautiful and moving film was directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski, the internationally acclaimed director of A Short Film About Killing and Three Colours Blue. (Cine Outsider review)

"A complex, finely acted and directed puzzle of a film, but one that grips the attention throughout." – Halliwel/'s Film and Video Guide

Tuesday 1st November at 8pm
Like Water for Chocolate [Como agua para chocolate]     Mexico 1992  |  110 mins  |  15

Striking and sensuous film (from a novel by Laura Esquivel, the director's wife), set in the early part of the 20th century: a young woman's life is shaped first by her stern and unyielding mother, and more importantly, by the overwhelming power of cooking. This sumptuous and sometimes humorous fable, boasts a fine cast and a top-notch performance from lead actress Lumi Cavazos.

"Piquant, sometimes mystical, and enjoyably unpredictable." Roger Erbert's Video Guide.

Tuesday 15th November at 8pm
Raining Stones     UK 1993  |  90 mins  |  15

Ken Loach's widely acclaimed social comedy, written by Jim Alien (whose other credits include Loach's earlier and controversial Hidden Agenda), centres on the attempts of a poor working class Catholic family to buy a dress for their daughter's first communion. Voted European Film of the Year for 1991, Raining Stones is a funny and essential story of survival in the 90s and people's aspirations for a better way of life.

Tuesday 29th November at 8pm
Europa Europa     Germany / France / Poland 1990  |  112 mins  |  15

A teenage boy flees the Nazis and conceals his identity, only to find himself drafted into Hitler's army. Eye- opening, fact-based WW2 Holocaust drama, from Solomon Perel's autobiography, is both harrowing and humorous, deftly blending horrific images with black comedy to depict the growing pains of a adolescent in the midst of a world in chaos. Polish writer-director Holland has made a riveting and moving film. Winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film and Oscar nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

"A superb new movie... it bounds from one jaw-dropping episode to the next ...a pure absurd miracle of history" – New Yorker.

Tuesday 13th December at 8pm
Madame Bovary     France 1991  |  143 mins  |  PG

Based on the classic novel by Gustave Flaubert, Madam Bovary is set in the sprawling, lush countryside in and around 19th century Rouen, France, telling the story of one woman's yearnings for personal fulfilment amidst a self-perceived stifling existence. Isabelle Hupert shines in the central role of Emma Bovary, and verteran French director Claude Chabrol directs with his usual precise control and visual flair.