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Winter Season 1995

Tuesday 10th January at 8pm
Les Visiteurs     France 1993  |  105 mins  |  15

Our second season begins with this recent and hugely popular French time-travel comedy, which follows the misadventures of a twelfth century knight and his squire who are transported to modern day France, where their quest to break a witch's curse must continue in spite of the twentieth century horrors of electricity, telephones and the flush toilet. Described by one reviewer as 'Monty Python meets Biackadder', the film is nevertheless resolutely French in tone and humour and broke box office records in its native France when first released- an average of 20,000 people a day went to see it in 1993. Similarities with Monty Python and the Holy Grail are inevitable, but, of course, purely coincidental.

Tuesday 24th January at 8pm
Barry Lyndon     UK / USA 1976  |  184 mins  |  PG

Apart from the still­banned A Clockwork Orange, this adaptation of Thackery's story of an 18th-century Irish rogue-hero who covets success is one of director Kubrick's least­seen feature length films in the UK. More's the pity, as in many ways it is one of his most impressive, a beautifully photographed and meticulously detailed work that boasts a fine cast that includes Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson, Patrick Magee, Hardy Kruger and Steven Berkoff. Long, deliberately paced but never boring, the film won Oscars for cinematography, music, art direction and costume design.

Tuesday 7th February at 8pm
In the Name of the Father     Ireland / UK 1993  |  133 mins  |  15

Jim Sheridan's study of the arrest and wrongful conviction of the Guilford Four and specifically the case of one of them, Gerry Conlon, and his relationship with his father, also wrongfully imprisoned, was notorious on its release both for tackling a still­ sensitive subject head on and for changing facts for dramatic effect. In the end, though, the power of the film-making and performances and the obvious conviction and intentions of those involved win through; ultimately it is the British justice system, not Conlon, that is on trial here.

Tuesday 21st February at 8pm
Short Cuts     US 1993  |  188 mins  |  18

Based on the short stories of Raymond Carver, Altman's latest work and the one he chose to follow the phenomenal critical reaction to The Player has been greeted with similar enthusiasm, described by Variety as his "most complex and full-blooded human comedy since Nashville." The similarities to the earlier film extend further, with Altman really showing his worth by keeping nine stories and over twenty characters on the boil throughout, helped by an extraordinary cast that includes Tim Robbins, Andie McDowell, Jack Lemmon, Matthew Modine, Fed Ward, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Robert Downey Jnr., Lily Tomlin and Tom Waits.

Tuesday 7th March at 8pm
The Stranger [Agantuk]     India / France 1991  |  120 mins  |  U

An acutely observed and beautifully photographed study of the family tensions that are brought to the surface when a wandering uncle returns to visit his only relative and arouses suspicions that he has appeared only to claim his inheritance. Satjajit Ray is one of India's best known and most internationally respected film directors and The Stranger was regarded by many as his best film for some years. Ironically it was also to be his last, as he died only a few months after its completion.

Tuesday 21st March at 8pm
Meditarraneo     Italy 1993  |  90 mins  |  15

In 1941 a group of eight Italian misfit soldiers become stranded on a small Greek Island that they were sent to guard and, seemingly forgotten by the outside world and losing themselves in the lazy rhythm of the hot climate, chose to spend the rest of the war there. Gabriele Salvatores' wry, charming and bittersweet comedy was released in Italy to enthusiastic audiences at the time of the outbreak of the Gulf War and added to an Italian national debate about desertion from the military. It found similar success with the international market and was the winner of the 1992 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.