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Spring 2014 season

Tuesday 22nd April at 8 p.m.
Inside Llewyn Davis     USA / UK / France 2013  |  104 mins  |  15
In New York's Greenwich Village in the winter of 1961, despondent and directionless musician and songwriter Llewyn Davis lives on the fringe of the folk revival scene. Mooching off his friends and haunted by memories of his former singing partner, he adopts a stray cat and wanders this enigmatic quarter of the city, waiting in vain for the break he still believes will land in his lap. The latest film from Joel and Ethan Coen (Fargo, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, No Country for Old Men) has been widely acclaimed as one of their finest works. Loosely based on the life of folk musician Dave Van Ronk, it's a beautifully observed and melancholic character study that vividly recreates the time and place and celebrates the music of this fertile era. [Cine Outsider review]

Tuesday 29th April at 8 p.m.
Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas    France / Germany 2013  |  122 mins  |  15
trader Michael Kohlhaas attempts to take legal action against a cold-hearted Baron who has severely mistreated two of his prized animals. When the case is dismissed and his wife is murdered, Kohlhaas abandons his previously quiet life and becomes determined to avenge this terrible wrong, whatever the cost to himself or his recruited followers. Despite its premise, Age of Uprising is more a brooding historical drama than Braveheart-style epic, one carried along by Arnaud des Pallières' measured direction and a typically compelling performance from acclaimed Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt, Hannibal).

Tuesday 6th May at 8pm
Love is in the Air [Amour et turbulences]     France 2013  |  96 mins  
French lawyer and playboy Antoine is travelling from New York to Paris in the hope of landing a job with a top law firm. On the plane he finds himself seated next to Julie, a headstrong artist heading home to marry her adoring fiancée, and who until three years ago was the love of Antoine's life. Trapped together with a ready supply of free drink and a group of keenly eavesdropping passengers, the couple attempt to dissect their failed relationship and wonder if fate has thrown them a second chance. A frothy but consistently witty and hugely enjoyable airborne romantic comedy from director Alexandre Castagnetti, one that works its charm through its flawed lead characters, winningly played by Nicolas Bedos and Ludivine Sagnier.

Tuesday 13th May at 8pm
The Stuart Hall Project     UK 2013  |  103 mins  |  12
Jamaican born Stuart Hall, who died in February, was one of the leading lights of the intellectual left and one of the most respected and influential cultural theorists of his generation. John Akomfrah's compelling and enlightening documentary explores Hall's life and work through an extensive collection of TV, film and photographic archive material, in the process examining a number of key post-WW2 events from a cultural and social viewpoint. The result is a smart, fascinating and unexpectedly witty work, one whose pulse is provided by the sublime jazz music of Hall's favourite musician, Miles Davis.

Tuesday 20th May at 8pm
Wake in Fright     Australia / USA 1971  |  114 mins  |  18
Middle-class schoolteacher John Grant is heading home to Sidney to spend Christmas with his girlfriend, but is forced to spend a night in the outback town of Bundanyabba before catching a flight the following morning. Initially resistent to the hotbed of male drunkenness, gambling and physical aggression, he gradually finds himself pulled into this world, even as it starts to tear him apart. Described by singer and screenwriter Nick Cave as " The best and most terrifying film about Australia in existence," the 1971 Wake in Fright has been widely acclaimed as the rediscovery of 2013. As tense and brutal a film as you will see all year, it boasts a superb central performance from Gary Bond and a memorable turn from a wild Donald Pleasance. [Cine Outsider review]

Tuesday 27th May at 8pm
Wolf Children [Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki]     Japan 2012  |  117 mins  |  PG
Sweet-natured student Hana is attracted to a mysterious new man in her class, but when she pursues him he reveals that he is a werewolf. She accepts him for what he is and the two begin a relationship that results in two children, Yuki and Ame. When her partner's animal instincts result in his untimely death, Hana is left with the task of raising the two children herself and protecting their secret from those who would exploit it. Wolf Children is a touching, award-winning and delightful animated feature from director Hosoda Mamoru (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) that recalls the heyday of Studio Ghibli and movingly explores the power of maternal love and the bonds of family.

Tuesday 3rd June at 8pm
Only Lovers Left Alive     UK / Germany / France / Cyprus / USA 2013  |  123 mins  |  15
Adam is a reclusive rock star living in Detroit with a glum view of new technology and his own existence. Eve lives in Tangiers and has a love of life and nature. The two were once married but have since separated for unspecified reasons. Both are vampires and have been in love for hundreds of years. The latest film from long-standing American indie film stalwart Jim Jarmush (Down by Law, Mystery Train, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai) is a playful, poetic and witty twist on the vampire movie, featuring beguiling central performances from Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, and engaging support from John Hurt as a centuries-old Christopher Marlowe.

Tuesday 10th June at 8pm
We Are the Best [Vi är bäst!]     Sweden 2013 |  102 mins  |  15
In 1980s Stockholm, young Bobo and Klara are their closest of friends. Their love affair with punk rock has shaped their look and their anti-capitalist ideology, but what they really want to do it form an all-girl punk band. Hampered by their own limited musical skills, they employ Christian classmate and guitar prodigy Hedvig to teach them how to play. Against all expectations, Hedvig becomes seduced by their enthusiasm and the three are soon inseperable, both as friends and musicians. The latest film from acclaimed Swedish director Lucas Moodysson harks back to his joyous breakthrough film Show Me Love, shaking off the cynicism of his more recent work to deliver one of the year's most upbeat and enjoyable films.