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Autumn 2019 season

Tuesday 24 September at 8.30pm
Never Grow Old    Ireland/USA 2019  |  100 mins  |  15
In the small frontier town of Garlow in 1849, its citizens' peaceful way of life is disrupted by the arrival of a ruthless killer named Dutch Albert. As law and order crumbles, one person who appears to be profiting from the mayhem is Irish undertaker Patrick Tate, but as the bodies pile up, Tate experiences a life-changing crisis of conscience. A gritty and compellingly handled western from Irish director Ivan Kavanagh with fine performances, including a deliciously sinister from John Cusack as the murderous Dutch Albert.

Tuesday 1 October at 8.30pm
Diamantino    Portugal/France/Brazil 2018  |  96 mins  |  15
When the career of a dim-witted but athletically brilliant superstar footballer ends in World Cup disgrace, his eyes are opened to the European migrant crisis. Ever keen to help, he adopts an African refugee, unaware that his new son is actually a lesbian tax official who has been tasked with investigating him for corruption. An inventive, light-hearted and engagingly oddball satire on neo-fascist populism and genetic engineering, bolstered by a delightfully big-hearted performance from Carloto Cotta as the titular Diamantino.

Tuesday 8 October at 8.30pm
Don't Look Now    UK/Italy 1973  |  110 mins  |  15
After their young daughter Christine dies in a tragic accident, John and Laura Baxter travel to Venice on business. Here Laura meets two elderly sisters, one of whom claims to be a psychic who is able to communicate with Christine's spirit. Screening here in a new 4K restoration, Nicolas Roeg's haunting and spellbindingly directed masterpiece remains one of British cinema's most celebrated achievements, and boasts superb lead performances from Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.

Tuesday 15 October at 8.30pm
On Her Shoulders     USA 2018  |  95 mins  |  12A
In 2014, the Yazidi farming community in Northern Iraq was taken over by ISIS forces, who murdered almost all of the men and forced the younger women into sexual slavery. Directed by Alexandria Bombach, On Her Shoulders tells the sobering but ultimately uplifting story of Nadia Murad, a 24-year-old survivor of these twin horrors whose bravery and subsequent tireless human rights activism ultimately led to her being awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

Tuesday 22 October at 8.30pm
Animals    UK/Australia/Ireland 2019  |  109 mins  |  15
Laura and Tyler have been best friends for years. They live together in Dublin and spend their nights indulging in drink, drugs and sexual misadventures. But when Laura falls for good-looking but straight-laced pianist Jim, the future of their hedonistic lifestyle and even their friendship is called into question. Adapted from her 2014 novel by Emma Jane Unsworth and directed by Australian filmmaker Sophie Hyde, Animals is a witty, funny and ultimately touching tale of friendship that refreshingly refuses to judge its characters for their lifestyle choices.

Tuesday 29 October at 8.30pm
Kurier [The Messenger]     Poland 2019  |  114 mins  |  15
During World War 2, Polish courier Jan Nowak-Jeziorański became a crucial point of contact between the relocated Polish government in London and the Resistance movement in his home country. In the lead up to the Polish uprising against the German occupation, Jan's work becomes more urgent and dangerous, as he risks all to make his perilous way though what is now enemy territory. A tense and incident-packed spy thriller from busy Polish director Wladyslaw Pasikowski that was inspired by actual wartime events.

Tuesday 5 November at 8.30pm
Bait    UK 2019  |  89 mins  |  15
Martin is a fisherman in Cornwall without a boat, while his brother Stephen uses their father's craft to take sightseers on day trips. Their childhood home, meanwhile, is now a holiday retreat for wealthy Londoners. When the displaced Martin attempts to regain what he has lost, it brings him into conflict with local people and tourists, and then a tragedy turns his world upside-down. Shot on 16mm black-and-white film on a Bolex camera, Mark Jenkin's compelling and expressionistic drama is one of the year's most remarkable and original British films.

Tuesday 12 November at 8.30pm
Tucked   UK 2018  |  80 mins  |  15
When 74-year-old drag queen Jackie learns that he has only a few weeks to live, he elects to continue with his life and his act as if nothing was wrong. His plans are complicated by issues with his estranged daughter Lily and an unexpected friendship he strikes up with rising young drag queen Faith. The latest film from director Jamie Patterson is a vibrant and warm-hearted tale of love, loss, friendship and tolerance, with winning performances from Jordan Stephens as Faith, April Pearson as Lily and veteran actor Derren Nesbitt as Jackie.

Tuesday 19 November at 8.30pm
The Last Tree     UK 2019  |  98 mins  |  15
Femi is a British boy of Nigerian heritage who grew up with a foster family in rural Lincolnshire. As a teenager he is reluctantly reunited with his birth mother, with whom he is forced to move to London, a stark change of circumstance that turns his previously peaceful life upside-down. This semi-autobiographical second feature from director Shola Amoo is a stylish, visually striking coming-of-age story that is bolstered by strong performances, particularly Fortitude's Nicholas Pinnock as Femi.

Tuesday 26 November at 8.30pm
Hail Satan?     USA 2019  |  95 mins  |  15
Despite having only been founded in 2013, The Satanic Temple has become one of the most controversial religious groups in America. The movement's determination to challenge traditional Christian doctrine and religious hypocrisy has raised its public profile and brought it into conflict with public figures. Given unprecedented access to the group and its activities, documentary filmmaker Penny Lane paints a fascinating and revealing picture of the movement and its members, who often come across as more likeable and appealing than those they so energetically challenge and ridicule.

Tuesday 3 December at 8.30pm
Maborosi     Japan 1995  |  110 mins  |  12A
Deeply trouble by the childhood death of her grandmother and her husband's apparent suicide, Yumiko has become convinced that she brings death to those close to her. Nonetheless, she remarries and moves to a quiet fishing village with her new husband in the hope of starting her life anew. The first dramatic feature film from Japanese master Hirokazu Kore-eda (Still Walking, I Wish) is a beautiful and poetic tale of loss, sadness and second chances, and was the film that brought Kore-eda to international attention.

Tuesday 10 December at 8.30pm
Rojo     Argentina/Brazil/France/Netherlands/Germany/Belgium/Switzerland 2018  |  109 mins  |  15
In mid-70s Argentina during The Dirty War, the life of respectable lawyer Claudio is turned on its head when he is confronted by celebrated private detective Sinclair about a missing man with whom he has had a very public altercation. The latest film from director Benjamín Naishtat employs the format of a mystery thriller to explore the true face that lurks behind the mask of respectability and plays out against a background of social turmoil and an approaching coup.

Tuesday 17 December at 8.30pm
We the Animals     USA 2018  |  94 mins  |  15
In upstate New York, brothers Manny and Joel grow up under the wing of their loving father, while their more sensitive sibling Jonah is sheltered by his protective mother, and finds comfort an imaginary world of his own creation. Director Jeremiah Zagar's background in documentary filmmaking is evident in the reality in which he grounds his story, while his skill is evident in the sometimes dreamlike flow of the narrative and the naturalistic performances he coaches from the non-professional child actors.